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Since 1999 we have specialized in turning our customer’s dreams into reality. Whether it is a commercial building or a residential home, we can help you with all of your glass needs.

Film Tint

You’ve made a big investment in the purchase of your home. Protect your investment with 3M Scotchtint Sun Control Window Films. Read More

Glass Types

We provide many options to choose from. Our suppliers give us the best pricing possible and we deliver that savings to you. Preview our glass gallery and select the type that best fits you. Read More

Service & Repair

Broken windows happen all the time. Repairing windows allow you will get rid of the eyesore and make your home secure again. Read More


Glass shower doors increase the functionality and enrich the overall appearance of one of the most used areas in a home. With a wide variety of styles, sizes, finishes and glass options, shower doors provide years of dependable service and are a great addition for new homes as well as remodeling projects. Read More


Designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, this fabric also reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun. While blocking the sun’s rays, Solar Screen will reduce energy cost and provide protection to your indoor furnishings. Read More

Window Replacement

See the world through clearer glass when we upgrade your old energy leaking windows. New windows give your home that curb appeal. They bring you light and openness and they create comfort and security for your home. Read More